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Series List

Join us as our Pastor, Dr. Jeff Parker takes us on a journey through scripture in the book of Nehemiah. Listen Now: Living in the Ruins, Dealing with the Critics, Somebody Do Something, Rebuilding the Gates: Our Defense, Satan's Trash Talk and How to Defeat it, Where Do You Draw the Line?, Talks to Avoid, The Cause for the Crash or The Reason for the Ruin, Confession: The Work of Repentance, Unlikely Leaders

Listen in as our guest speak from Harare Zimbabwe, Pastor Midian Chitsere, leads our congregation for two Sundays by himself, and with Dr. Jeff Parker in a special translation based sermon. Listen Now: Mission Minded, Concerned for the Lost, The Danger of Spiritual Confusion

Vision 2016

Join us as Dr. Jeff Parker discusses what he belives to be God's vision for 2016.

Listen Here

Church 101

The fundamental elements of the church taught by Dr. Jeff Parker and Associate Pastor, Reggie Glenn.

Listen Now: Church 101: Part 1, Church 101: Part 2, Consider the Supper (The Last Supper)

What's the Problem?

Where the church should stand on homosexuals and homosexual marriage.

Listen Now: Why the Church Cannot Accept Homosexuality and Why the Church Must Accept the Homosexual, Is it Okay to Stay Gay? (Part 1), Is it Okay to Stay Gay? (Part 2)

Learning to Soar

Sunday School March 2015

These lessons are presented to the men of the church during Sunday school by guest speaker Doug Payne.

Listen Now: Lesson 2, Lesson 3, Lesson 5


May 25, 2014 - December 6, 2015

Join us as Dr. Parker takes us on a journey through Genesis.

Listen Now: An Introduction to Genesis: Part 1, An Introduction to Genesis: Part 2, God Made Man,The Fall of Man, Mastering Sin, Be Like Jesus, Preface to the Flood, The Purpose of Punishment, An Open and Shut Case, Recovery after the Disaster, The Tower of Babel, Caught in the In-between, A Chink in Abraham's Armor, The Danger of Answering Our Own Prayers, The Danger of Stuff, The Path of Pleasure, The Path of Promise, Jesus Christ: My Shield and My Reward, Faith, the Hinge of Grace, Propped Up Prayers, Silent Treatment, What is Our Role in the Face of Social Sin?, Why the Church Cannot Accept Homosexuality and Why the Church Must Accept the Homosexual, Lingering Lots, Empty Hands and A Full Heart, Sorrow Last for the Night, but Joy Comes in the Morning, War in the Womb, War in the Womb: Part 2, Behaviors in the Famines of Life, The Blessing, The Broken, What Goes Around, Comes Around, Trying to Love 4 Women, Let's Make a Deal, Chase Without a Base, When God Breaks A Man, Too Close for Comfort, What's On Your Roof?, Joseph: The Dreamer, What to Do When You Leave Your Wallet at a Strip Club, Victim or Victor?, Providence in Prison, All Life's Prisons, Forgotten, Is No More, Conscience Wakers, When Wounds Run Deep, The Power of Forgiveness and the Pain When We Don't, Pits, Prisons and Potiphar's, The Power of Caution on this Spiritual Journey, When the Truth Hurts, Men and Women with Principles, A Pattern for Generational Greatness, Parental Cheek Turning, Lion of Judah, How Great Men Die, How Great Men Die: Part 2, The Purpose and Danger of Pain

Mother's Day 2014

May 18th. 2014

The message for Mother's Day that Dr. Parker did not get to on Mother's Day, he shared with us May 18th and is availible for playing. Listen now: A Kingdom Mom


April 27th - May 5th

The titles say it all. Dr. Parker discusses and teaches what the Bible says about how we should handle life when we feel like we are a victim of circumstance.

Listen Now: What to do When You Feel Like a Victim: Part 1, What to do When You Feel Like a Victim: Part 2

Preparing the Heart for Easter

Join us as we journey down a road to prepare our hearts for Easter.

Listen Now: The Pursuit of Holiness,The Pursuit of Holiness Part 2, The Passover, Ransomed


January 12th -

Listen Now: Faith or Fear?, Controlling What Cannot be Controlled, Worried to Death?, Don't Worry, Be Gentle, Controlling Toxic Thoughts, Fear God and Don't Worry, Don't Worry, Fear God

For a study guide for this series, CLICK HERE!


October 27th - December 15th, 2013

Join us for a new series as Dr. Jeff Parker takes us through an exciting series about the rapture of the church. We will be covering signs of the rapture, what the rapture means and looking at the question, "Are we in the last days?". This is one series you DO NOT want to miss. If you happen to miss a sunday, no worries, we have you covered here:

Raptured: An Introduction, When the Earth Groans, Israel in Prophecy, Persecuted?, The Millennial Reign, What To Do If You Miss the Rapture

Blueprint for Peace

September 22nd - October 20th, 2013

Listen Now: Prescription for Peace, Prescription for Peace: Part 2, Victim of Circumstance, The Purpose In Pain

The Great Divide

January 6th - September 1st, 2013

'Pastor Jeff has built an actual sheep pen in the sanctuary and will periodically refer to it as he is preaching through Ephesians. This was done to illustrate Paul's terminology concerning being In Christ.'

Listen Now: A House Divided, In Christ, Vehicles of Deliverance, The Process of Coming to Christ, Prayers that Make a Difference, What a Dead Man Can Do, What a Dead Man Can Do: Part 2, Circumcision of the Heart, United We Stand, Room for Everyone, My Heart, Your Home, Fixing the Church: An Introduction to Ephesian 4, Keys to a Great Church, Building the Body - Reclaiming People, The Wrong Outfit, The Right Outfit, Imitators or Impostors?, Marriage Under Attack: Part 1, Marriage Under Attack: Part 2, Parenting the Right Way, A Christ-like Employee, Effective Armor to Make War, Empowering the Armor Through Prayer, Eternally Friends


June 16 2013

Click HERE to Listen to our Father's Day Sermon by Pastor Jeff Parker as he leads us to the gospel of Mark.


Dr. Parker's Easter Sunday Sermon - March 31st, 2013

Thief is Dr. Parker's Easter Sermon comparing and contrasting the two theives that were crucified alongside Christ. Everyone one of us can be catagorized as one of the two theives. Which thief are you? Listen HERE and decide.

Raising Children in Uncertain Times

November 25th - December 30th, 2012

Raising Children in Uncertain Times is our last series in 2012. This series will give critical information on how to parent and raise children in these uncertain times in which we are living.

Listen Now: Parents Raising Children in Uncertain Times, Parents Raising Children in Uncertain Times Part 2, Family Meeting, Veiled in Flesh, SAP: A New Year's Resolution


September 30th - November 18th, 2012

Vision will cover differenet aspects of exactly what a vision is, what is should be and how it directly relates to our Life, Family and Church.

Listen Now: A Heavenly Vision, A Heavenly Vision Part 2, Working Out Your Vision, The Cost of Ignoring a Heavenly Vision, The Cost of Ignoring a Heavenly Vision: Part 2, Congregation or Crowd?, Congregation or Crowd: Continued


July 29th - August 26th, 2012

Impressions is a series discussing the importance of parenting and challenging parents and all adults to make a positive, long lasting, and impactful impression in children's lives.

Listen Now: A Lasting Impression, How to Destroy Your Family, Practical Points to Parenting , Practical Points Part 2, Birth Order, A Boy Named Sue


June 3rd - July 22nd, 2012

Listen in as our pastor, Dr. Jeff Parker, discusses the true value, misconception, and role of our beloved senior adults

in today's church.

Listen Now: A Divine Appointment, Kingdom Come, A Man Worth Celebrating , Listen, Repent, Obey, Aging with Grace, Sure of your Salvation, Too Late?


Mother's Day - May 13, 2012

Click Here to Listen to our Mother's Day Sermon by Pastor Jeff Parker as he continues in our Finance Series and speaks about giving in a Godly manner.

Surviving Finances

April 22nd - May 20th, 2012

Listen in as our Pastor, Dr. Jeff Parker, shares the biblical truth about making finances work the way God intended.

Listen Now: Tools or Treasure?, Tools or Treasure? Part 2, Grudging Gifts, The Benefits of Benevolence

Resurrection Living

April 1st - 15th, 2012

Join us as Pastor Jeff Parker embarks on a short, God-inspired, mini-series, that He feels God has laid on his heart. This series will be based out of Galatians 2:20.

Listen Now: The Cost, Lessons from an Empty Tomb, How Does a Believer Deal with Their Past?

Sex and Intimacy

February 19th - March 18h, 2012

Come and join us as we study and learn how God originally intended Sex and Intimacy to be.

Listen Now: Sex Out of Control?, The Key to Sex , What's Love Got to Do With It?, Is it Okay to Stay Gay? Part 1, Is it Okay to Stay Gay? Part 2

Click HERE to watch our promontial trailer.

Storm Proof

January 22nd - February 12th, 2012

Venture into the Storm Proof series with us as we learn not only how to prepare for the storms in life, but also how to survive the storms that you may already be in.

Listen Now: The Power of Home, Defining Your Role: Part 1, Defining Your Role: Part 2., Breaking the Bent

Listen in as Dr. Jeff Parker discusses the Vision for Our Church, Our People, and Our Nation. This sermon is an introduction to areas that will be discussed throughout 2012.

Listen Now: People With A Purpose

Examining the Gospel of Luke

January 16, 2011-January 1, 2012

We explore the Gospel of Luke in a detailed, year long journey. This physician will guide us through the life of Jesus, from events preparing for his birth all the way to his death, burial, resurrection...and beyond. This overall series is divided into three groups: Examining the Gospel of Luke, Finding Hope in Suffering, and Though the Eyes of Christ.

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